Marco Orsini

Filmmaker | Director | Writer | Mentor

Marco Orsini is a writer, director and producer who sees audio-visual storytelling as an unrivaled means to educate, advocate and inspire.

“We will fight tooth and nail for the filmmakers that we’re working with…. We act as a for-profit entity, like an agent, like a manager, like a publicist, like an attorney, like a sales agent.” [Full article]

“Now more than ever, this program needs to be seen, discussed, shared and brought up in discussions beyond the people it directly impacts.” [Full article]

“Education is the key factor to a nation’s success – and giving unexpected opportunity to those who never had the chance rewards us all.”

“Filmmaking as a creative tool can yield opportunities and diversity, as well as educate and inspire. My goal is to encourage this process through direct collaboration or through personal initiatives close to my heart.”

“Through filmmaking education combined with meaningful participation initiatives [such as IEFTA] provide not only opportunity but a platform for future growth.”



Marco Chats with Oxigeno Radio About ‘Latin Four Plus’

Listen now to Marco's interview with Brenda Bueno on Oxigeno Radio (Spanish) available on Soundcloud.

Shining the Spotlight on Under-Represented Regions

Showcasing new faces from under-represented regions in the 6th edition of “Refugee Voices in Films” at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Marco Joins Arab Cinema’s Golden 101 List

Marco Orsini joins Arab Cinema Centre's 'Golden 101' list of notable and worthy contributors to filmmaking in the Arab world.

Jury Member for Palestinian Sunbird Awards

Palestine Cinema Days invites Marco Orsini to participate as a Jury Member for 2022 Palestinian Sunbird Production Film Award.


Writing and directing poignant documentary films that highlight humanitarian issues.


Improving educational opportunities in filmmaking for the less fortunate and overlooked.


Discussing film, speaking at events, panel juror, and spreading the word on global issues that define and affect the worldwide humanitarian space.


Gaining widespread acclaim by actively creating alliances and initiatives to raise awareness within industry circles.


Beyond the Raging Sea (2019)

Beyond the Raging Sea is a film that both echoes and illuminates the most pressing humanitarian challenge in the world today.

Gray Matters (2014)

Gray Matters explores the long, fascinating life of architect and designer Eileen Gray.

Latin Four Plus (Completed)

In 1969, Colonel Orsini bent rules to assemble a band, deploy it to Korea and live the dream. In 2018, he’s at it again.

Dinner at the No-Go’s* (2012)

Make reservations for a tasty conversation about place, politics and people… it’s all on the menu.

Dangerous Crossings (2017)

A music video spreading awareness about the dangers of crossing to war-stricken Yemen through the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea from Africa.

The Reluctant Traveler (2009)

When a postcard… isn’t enough. What was not supposed to be his trip became his unforgettable adventure.

Un Dia en La Vida (2005)

Saddled with an ailing husband, a failing motel and a substance-abusing daughter, Rosalia Gomez wakes to a new challenge: a grandchild.

Earth Day (2012)

Monaco is an ancient European crossroads, a tiny principality rich in culture, history, culture and opportunity.



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