Athens-Based Intl. Emerging Film Talent Foundation Launches to Support ‘Unseen and Unheard Talent’

The Intl. Emerging Film Talent Foundation (IEFTF), a new Athens-based venture established to provide support for unheard and unseen talent, launches May 18 at the Cannes Film Festival

Latin Four Plus Wins Audience Choice At Orlando Film Festival

Latin Four Plus won the Audience Choice Award at it's premier at the Orlando Film Festival

Latin Four Plus Awarded Best Documentary

Latin Four Plus Awarded Best Documentary at the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival 2023

Latin Four Plus – Marco Orsini Interview with Accion 97.9 Radio

Marco chats to Accion Radio in Costa Rica about his new film 'Latin Four Plus'.

Marco Chats with Oxigeno Radio About ‘Latin Four Plus’

Listen now to Marco's interview with Brenda Bueno on Oxigeno Radio (Spanish) available on Soundcloud.

Shining the Spotlight on Under-Represented Regions

Showcasing new faces from under-represented regions in the 6th edition of “Refugee Voices in Films” at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Marco Joins Arab Cinema’s Golden 101 List

Marco Orsini joins Arab Cinema Centre's 'Golden 101' list of notable and worthy contributors to filmmaking in the Arab world.

Jury Member for Palestinian Sunbird Awards

Palestine Cinema Days invites Marco Orsini to participate as a Jury Member for 2022 Palestinian Sunbird Production Film Award.

Stepping Down as President of IEFTA

Marco Orsini steps down as President  of the International Emerging Film Talent Association.

Working with IEFTA to Set Up Multiple Events at Cannes

IEFTA, with the U.N. Refugee Agency and its Telling the Real Story program, will present the fifth edition of Refugee Voices in Film at the Cannes Film Festival 2022.

How Two Egyptian Adventurers Cheated Death in Daring High Sea Rescue

Excerpt from the documentary "Beyond the Raging Sea" directed by Marco Orsini, in article by Esquire Middle East.
“Captains of Za’atari” (Egypt)

Advocating Back to Basics Approach for Independent Film Distribution

Marco Orsini chats with Variety, expressing his firm favor of a back to basics distribution approach for independent films from the Middle East and North Africa.

An Ode to Mykonos: The Island of Love and Freedom

Marco Orsini writes a love letter to the island, giving an insight into how it’s changed over the years, and where its deep appeal truly lies.

‘Beyond the Raging Sea’ Documentary Sets for Monaco Streaming Film Festival

The documentary “Beyond the Raging Sea” makes its European premiere July 4 as the centerpiece presentation of the Monaco Streaming Film Festival.

Documentaries Get Showcase and Support From Cannes Marche du Film

IEFTA president Marco Orsini tells Variety how IEFTA is proud to support documentary filmmakers through Spotlight Projects and commends partnership with Marché du Film and Cannes Docs.

Moderator on Discussion Panel at Durban Filmmart 2020

Marco Orsini was a moderator on an online panel discussion "The DFM Hangout: Meet EAVE" at Durban FilmMart on Friday, 4 September 2020 for an opportunity to meet some of the organizers, and former participants of EAVE a professional training,…